Army Rangers vs Navy Seals


Ever wonder what the difference is between Army rangers vs Navy seals?  Both are bad ass however both have special military purposes. To call yourself a Ranger or a SEAL it takes a level of dedication and discipline most people do not have. Not everyone can be a Ranger or a SEAL. Only the elite make it through. Lets take a closer look at each.

How is an Army Ranger Selected?

So what is an Army Ranger? The Army rangers main focus is on infiltration by land, air, and even sea. They are in the recovery of personnel and special equipment along with conducting raids. This special branch of the ARMY became a major part of the military back in the 1970’s.

There are 3 different ways of being selected or qualifying to become an Army Ranger. These include the following:

RUN TRAINING: This is a more advanced type of training which consists of taking troops out of hostile situations, dealing with explosives, and developing skills for navigation, sabotage, and reconnaissance.

CRAWL TRAINING: This trains the soldier in hand to hand comb, water combat under water, and the use of sticks and fists when in combat.

WALK TRAINING: This type of training includes ambush training, knot tying, and rappelling along with airborne operations.

An Army Ranger cannot graduate without the completion of the three types of training.


How is a Navy SEAL Selected?

Navy SEALs main focus is in sea, air and land specific missions and operations. They cover a lot of Underwater Demolitions, reconnaissance, security assistance,  information warfare, personell recovery, counter terrorism, and defense on foreign land or boundaries. Navy SEALs can be traced back to the bombing of Pearl Harbor as part of their establishment but formally came into play as a part of the Navy in the 1960’s.

To become a Navy SEAL you have to go through a seven month long Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) training which has three phases which are;

SCUBA training: 8 weeks of training based in the water, diving, water infiltration, ect…. , 9 weeks of land warfare training, hand to hand combat, training on weapons used, ect… .

INDOCTRINATION: This prepares new trainees mentally as well as physically for the extreme training they are going to be faced with along with the ways of the Navy SEAL.

BASIC CONDITIONING: This is basically an 8 week test of endurance including the famous “Hell Week”.


Difference Between Army Rangers vs Navy SEALs

Rangers normally operate in larger sized units or platoons and have the capability of handling the direct action type of missions. The Navy SEALs operate in much smaller teams and specialize in covert operations.  Rangers perform military support functions while Navy SEALS have selective roles and don’t get involved in front line combat. Navy SEALs are responsible for unconventional warfare and are trained paratroopers and have the ability to integrate with foreign military. Navy SEALs are more independent and work very well within small groups with no support if needed. They specialize in underwater reconnaissance along with underwater demolitions as well. Rangers are different because they are known to be ready for rapid deployment, can use airborne advanced infantry and fights using conventional warfare.

These two types both are highly skilled specialized forces that tend to overlap each other in their specialties. An easy way to describe the differences though is that Army Rangers specialize in land warfare while the Navy SEALs specialize in anything dealing with water type warfare.


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