7 Army Basic Training Tips to Know


Are you a new recruit getting ready for ARMY basic training? Here are 7 ARMY basic training tips to help you mentally get ready for boot-camp. In this video Dominique gives examples of military life in Army basic training and what to expect.

7 ARMY Basic Training Tips to Think About

  • Your experience will vary depending on company and location so expect and prepare for the worst.
  • Do not go to basic training with injuries if you can help it. Basic training can be rough on your body due to a few things. You will want to be at optimal health before you go.
  • You can not quite basic training. You are either all in or all out. Your mindset has to be clear and focused to finish and move on.
  • It’s not going to be fun. You need to prepare yourself mentally for this. Attitude is everything and the worse you make it the worse it will be.
  • You are going to have to deal with other soldiers that can’t not follow orders. Many times these new recruits will get you in trouble for talking and not listening.
  • You are going to have to get used to living and showering in the same quarters with other people. This can be very tough to get used to for many.
  • Be prepared to physically be tested with pushups, sit ups, running etc. This can also be a very tough barrier for new recruits to get through.

Be Prepared Mentally and Physically

The more you can mentally and physically prepare yourself the better. Basic training is set in place to make you a better soldier. That being said it is not easy. If you are not ready for it it is going to be hell for you. You are probably not going to be able to prepare for everything but take the steps to ready for the boot camp military lifestyle and things will go a lot smoother for you. And remember when you come out of basic you are going to be a lean mean fighting machine. Good luck to all the new recruits entering into Army basic training. Here is a link to ARMY website for more information on ARMY boot camp.


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