Marines First Day Of Boot Camp


A Marines First Day Of Boot Camp is the beginning of his or her military life. These recruits are arriving and experiencing the first day of boot camp at Marine Corps Recruit Depot (MCRD) San Diego. The new marine recruits are taken into the contraband room and the barber during their first night of recruit training. New recruits are checked for contraband items. These new recruits also receive their first military haircut, before starting there in-depth boot camp training. If these young recruits are successful in training, they will be transformed into Marines. A Marine is the epitome of personal character, selflessness and military virtue.

First Day of Boot Camp Nerves

As you can imagine from watching this video the first day of boot camp for many new recruits is nerve-racking. New recruits hit the ground running and they lifestyle that they previously had known is soon to be changed. Boot camp is a transformation process to get new recruits ready for a life in the military. The first day of boot camp is usually the hardest for many young soldiers. The mental and physical transformation starts as soon as a new recruit steps off the bus. It’s a process that is necessary to shape and groom young soldiers to be lean mean fighting machines.


  1. […] There are many different reasons that people decide to be service members. Reasons vary from service to their country to being able to get training for civilian employment or get their college education paid for. Once you decide to join and are committed to the military, how do you become successful in the military? I have been fortunate enough to not only be in the military but to serve in both the Navy and Army. The road to success is pretty much the same in each branch. The Army lays success out for you in boot camp. […]


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