50,000 Homeless Veterans Nationwide


Great story on the homeless veterans nationwide. It’s very sad that we all can’t come together and help out the homeless in our nation as a whole. Thank you to all the people that are coming together to help these people. If you have some time on your hands get involved and change some lives. Like many people, veterans face difficult challenges in life but especially those coming home after being exposed to difficult war conflict situations.

ABC News’ Bob Woodruff travels the country examining new efforts end homelessness among US veterans. UNITY of Greater New Orleans is a nonprofit helping homeless veterans find housing.  Rosanne Haggerty is a big part of the success of housing New Orleans homeless veterans. She has been working to improve homelessness for 30+ years. She is a firm believer that this problem can be fixed nationwide.

Along with New Orleans Pheonix has also made the great stride in improving its veteran homeless situation. There are many reasons why veterans are homeless. PTSD is a big part of that. Many veterans come home and just shut down. They feel overwhelmed and sometimes like they just do not fit in with society. The VA is working with many non profit organizatons to try to improve the situations for many of these homless vets.


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