veteran in tears


Homeless Veteran in Tears

First of all I want to say thank you to the person that shot this video for his act of kindness in helping this homeless veteran. Below is his story in quotations.

Life is hard for all of us. If you have a little extra and see someone that needs a little help pay it forward. Put your self in their shoes for a day. It may help you to appreciate the things that you have and take for granted.

Video Description:

“Today I met this homeless and a war veteran name Robert at the gas station. He approached me and asked me for change. I said what do you need the change for ?? He said he hasn’t eaten since yesterday. So I told him to hop in the car and let me buy you food. I asked his permission if I can record his story to raise awareness, he said sure. Take a look at the video. The idea behind this video not to seek attention, but to raise awareness for our homeless veterans in this country. Update: Since then I hired him at one of my sports bars and got him an apartment to stay so he can get back in his feet. Follow me for updates”


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