You Won’t Believe What This Homeless Veteran Does!


Watch the video above as this homeless veteran could have easily done what so many other people would have done in this situation.  In this experiment, money is placed in plan site of a car with the window down. Watch and see how people react to the situation.

I love to see stuff like this. We are not here to judge, but it is easy to when you catch people in the act of stealing. Then this homeless veteran comes along. He probably needs the money more than anyone else. This thoughtful and kind act warms my heart. Remember those who have sacrificed everything to protect and serve. It pains me to think how many of these men and women are homeless. God Bless America!

Video Description:

In association with & Social Experiment turns out Amazing. This homeless Veteran really changed my view on things and restored my faith in Humanity. Make sure to Share this across the world! God Bless you, Paul! If you liked the video and think I’ve earned your subscription, Please click here to subscribe!… Check me out on Facebook!


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