Advanced Military Weapons In Action


The development of advanced military weapons is a never ending process. The war on terror and the competition with other countries means the United States must continually develop and build advanced military weapons to protect the United States.  The United States military defense budget is in the billions and there is no sign of it slowing down. In order for the United States to remain a super power we need to continue to develop these advanced military weapons.

Advanced Military Weapon Systems

Here is a list of the top 9 advanced military weapons that have been used in times of conflict.

  1. Intercontinental Ballistic Missile – Only a few nations have the technology to fire long range weaponry known as ICBN’s. According to research Russia has built the largest ICBN ever.
  2. F22 Raptor – The F22 Raptor is capable of flying at speeds of 1220 miles per hour and taking out enemies at a distance. The F22 plays by a different set of rules.
  3. B2 Spirit Bomber – The bat winged B2 Spirit bomber is one of the deadliest top secret weapons in the world. It can carry up to 40 tons of satellite guided bombs and travel up to 6000 miles without refueling. This is one of the baddest jets on the planet if not the baddest.
  4. F35 Lightning 2 – The F35 is the next generation fighter jet.
  5. The EM Rail Gun – The EM Rail Gun launcher is a long range weapon that can shoot 1.9 miles per second. The projectiles fly at 4500 miles per hour. The bullets can pass through any modern tanks or just about anything else that gets in its way.
  6. Virginia Class Submarine – The Virginia class sub is the most advanced nuclear submarine in the world.
  7. Autonomous Weapons Systems – Military smart toys that can engage the enemy without human interaction. These military robots are the way wars will be fought in the future.
  8. Lazar Weapons Systems – The LAWS or Lazar Weapons System is being used as a defensive weapon for our US military boats.
  9. Ford Class Aircraft Carriers – These Aircraft carriers are are equipped with to many things to mention but they are made for defending our boarders out to sea. These are floating iron war machines ready to go at anytime. They can take out a whole nation if unleashed.

These are just few of our Advanced military weapons that keep Americans safe. Hopefully we never have to use all of these but if we do we are ready to go.



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