Military Athletes


Navy Seal Military Athletes

A look at some real life Navy Seals and their athletic backgrounds.

The Navy SEAL Strength Training A.J. James is a Navy SEAL who wrestled at the college level. A.J. says his wrestling experiences taught him how to perform during the countless uncomfortable situations in BUD/s. Lacrosse is a sport that has produced successful BUD/S candidates. The skill sets learned in lacrosse such as pain tolerance and mental toughness translate well over to Navy SEAL training. Navy SEAL motocross racer, Stacey Virgin, cites his racing background as the reason he was so successful during Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL training (BUD/S). He attributes the intensity of racing to his motivation to never give up. No mater what. Justin Gabriel was a competitive swimmer in high school. Now he uses those acquired aquatic skills as a Navy SEAL. His story is one of accountability, drive and teamwork


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