The Navy SEAL Training Program


The Navy SEAL Training Program is as grueling as it gets. Only the most determined physically and mentally tough soldiers make it through. If you are a Navy SEAL, congratulations! You are part of an elite class of soldiers. If you are aspiring to be a SEAL team member, check out the video above. It is some great information on the Navy SEAL training program.

Navy SEAL Training Program Nutritional and Preparation

If you are going into hell week for the BUDS seal program you will need to be fully prepared and ready for a mental and physical beat down. It’s an absolute must you are fully hydrated and at optimal health. SEAL training is not something you just want to jump into full throttle. You want to progress slowly and move into the more advanced training when you are ready. A lot of guys are conditioned pretty well on land but when it comes to the water many just can not cut it.

For pool training you will want to get some fins to work out with. Conditioning your ankles, legs and learning how to breath and stay calm is an absolute must to make it through. Remember even though BUDS is very physical it is 90% mental.

Try to focus on core work as much as you can. Having a strong core is very beneficial for SEAL training.  You do not have to be jacked to be a Navy SEAL but you do have to be in shape. Focus on doing pushups, pull ups and sit ups. Any extra weight will bog you down so keep that in mind.

Here are a few basic nutrition tips to keep in mind if you are going to be training to be a SEAL. You need to eat as clean as you can. This will help you not only physically but also mentally. Having a well balanced diet for your body type is very important. Not everyone is built the same so there is no such thing as a one diet fits all regimen. Take in fruits,vegetables, healthy fats for brain power and the right amounts of protein for repair and recovery. Stay away from processed sugars and junk food. is a great resource to learn more about injury prevention, nutrition and ask questions and interact in forums.

Navy SEAL Hell Week

They don’t call it Hell week for no reason. Hell week is a grueling five and a half day stretch of agony. You will be pushed to the max. Each soldier sleeps only about four hours in total and runs and does physical activity for about 20 hours a day. You will be tested physically and mentally with very little sleep under extreme conditions. You will be asked to be the ultimate team player and you will have to pay attention to every detail that is ordered. Historically, soldiers who have composite PST scores below 800 are three times more likely to succeed than the average soldier.

As time goes on more and more candidates question themselves and their will. Being a Navy SEAL is not for everyone. It is the hardest military training for a reason. Only the best become Navy SEAL’s.

Only soldiers who have made a full mental commitment that quitting is not an option have the greatest chance to achieve their goal of becoming a SEAL. Do you have what it takes to make it through Hell week and becoming a member of an elite team called the Navy SEAL’s? Good luck!

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