Do I like the NAVY


My Military NAVY Life

My experience in the navy so far, and my thoughts on it! It was originally a Q&A video but I just got so distracted and let my feelings take over. Just being myself and expressing my mind! If you have any questions, please let me know, I will answer them to the best of my ability! This is not just for Navy it can apply to any branch!

A Soldier’s Life

A Soldiers life military tribute. Enjoy

Greg Plitt Arms Workout


Military Fitness Transformation Arms Workout

Check out Greg Plitt with this intense arm workout. This workout will push your guns to the next level. This workout hits the biceps, triceps and forearms to get you military ready!

US Military Inspirational Video


Pure Military Inspiration

This is a great military inspirational video! Enjoy

Military Christmas Tribute


Remember to Support our Veterans

This holiday season, don’t forget the brave men and women who support your right to celebrate. Some of these heroes are still serving abroad, far from home. Others are finally able to celebrate with their families once again, but not without the scars of war. Some have made the ultimate sacrifice. In order for us to experience this season of giving, they gave their very lives. Although you may never be able to give these men and women what they’ve lost while protecting you and our country, that doesn’t mean you can’t give anything. Take the time to give what you can. They sacrificed so you could celebrate. Thank a veteran.

US Troops Coming Home

There is nothing better than US troops coming home to there families and friends. Many of us that are not deployed sometimes take our family and friends for granted. Try to imagine being away from them for any long period of time and it will make you appreciate the above video of these US troops coming home. Try not to cry watching the above video as these military service members are coming home to their families and freinds. There is no better feeling than coming home to loved ones.