ARMY Medic

Military medics are very special people! In the video above you get a first hand look at what it takes to be crowned best ARMY medic.

Army Medic Video Transcript

Why do you want to compete, and spend three days just in the dirt, and tired, and working so hard? What is it about it that you like that so much? – You put me in an aid station or a hospital, and I will go nuts. – On this episode of Soldiers, we find out what it takes to be crowned the best medic in the United States Army. – I’m looking forward to seeing the suffering. – So you take a certain amount of joy in that, don’t you? – You gotta be a little sadistic when it comes to creating competitions. Because if you don’t make it challenging, if you don’t make it worth the flight when you get here, then why even have it. – We linked up with two soldiers from the 10th Mountain Division who are back for a second chance. – As soon as they announced the winners, I looked at Jarrod and I told him like “Hey, “we’re coming back again.” – He and I have one of those love/hate relationships. Things are either really good with us, and then there’s like (bleep). – All the teams that were here to compete at best medic were talented, but finding a team that wanted to come back and go through this insanity again, this was a no-brainer. – It’s and we are heading to Camp Bullis. Camp Bullis is where the Best Medic Competition is and tonight is the last few things you’re gonna do before they kick the events off tomorrow. And we are gonna pay particular attention to a group of soldiers from the 10th Mountain. It’s two soldiers, and they actually competed last year so they’re back for more. – Yeah, I’m over on the Lake Huron side. So let me ask you, did you join when your first enlistment was, did you come in as a medic? – I did, yep. – What drew you to that? – My dad, when I told him I was joining the army, my dad said: “join anything that’s not infantry.” He didn’t want me doing infantry, and I thought I’d be slick because I knew the medics worked with infantry, so I became a medic just as a way to underhandedly go work with the infantry. – Yeah, yeah. And what about you, what was your draw? Did you come in as a medic too? – Yeah, I came in as a medic. I had a brother who was in the medic, he was in the Air Force, he was in the medic side, but it was, I don’t know why I did it, honestly, I just picked the job, they offered me a bunch of jobs, like man, maybe that job could transfer over to something when I get out, so I was like, “yeah, I’m just gonna be a medic.” I love it. – So when we cover a competition like this, it’s really important that the crew doesn’t get in the way. So after talking to them for a couple of minutes, we figured it would be best to leave them alone, let them get their rest, ’cause they were gonna need it. On the first day of the competition, we met Master Sergeant Mike Eldred. Now, he’s the mastermind behind this whole thing, he’d been planning this competition for two years. Let’s take a step back and tell me a little bit about the history of the Best Medic Competition, how long has it been going on and when did it start? – It started in the ’80s, as the Expert Field Medical Competition. It was an opportunity for us to take the best of the best, and demonstrate their knowledge and skills. – I think what I’m seeing, is there’s a real desire to test them on all levels, physical, mental, we’re testing cognitive abilities, we’re testing their ability to think. – And their emotional level. I’m putting them in circumstances where they’re gonna have reactions, emotional reactions that’ll be part of their stress level. – Because combat is unpredictable. – That’s right. We’re trying to incorporate agile, adaptive thinking processes, using critical thinking processes into their decisions. I’m looking forward to seeing the suffering. – So you take a certain amount of joy in that, don’t you? – You gotta be a little sadistic when it comes to creating competitions because if you don’t make it challenging, if you don’t make it worth the flight to get here, then why even have it? – So there are some guys that are coming back, they repeat clients. What does it say about those guys, they come, they play, – They’re masochists. They’re masochists. (helicopter whirring) – All 32 teams take a series of fitness tests. The better you do, the earlier you start. It’s literally a race against time to finish all the lanes. Our team from the 10th Mountain ended up in the middle of the pack, so they kind of got a late start. Walk me through that first day of activities you experienced, what happened? – As soon as we got down, took fire from our north, (guns rapidly firing) had to return fire and bound into cover in through the woodline, 100, 150 meters out. He and I have one of those love/hate relationships. See, things are either really good with us, and then there’s like (bleep). 10 minute stretches where I just wanna knock your teeth out. – Grab each other by the throat, but you know, at the end of it, we went through it together. It helps you build that relationship. – Something you mentioned yesterday was, you’ve done a lot of sucky stuff together. Yeah, it’s good, we make a good team. – We dragged him to the woodline, treated him some more. – Transitioned to a Skedco, which is a flexible litter that you can use for hoisting operations. – Tell me about why you’re here again this year, how did that come to be? – We’re here last year, obviously, we competed, we were sittin’, we knew maybe we’re not winning, whatever, we just wanna get it over with. We were in the auditorium for the ceremony obviously, and they announced the winners, and as soon as they announced the winners, I looked at Jarrod, and I told him like, “Hey, we’re coming back again.” – Moved in a little bit farther, maybe 50 meters, and came up to a 30-foot cliff. – We hooked in, we hooked our patient in, and we rappelled with him, and it was awesome. – I really appreciate that part of the medicine, ’cause not all medics really get that training, it’s something I thoroughly believe that should be implemented, and I’m glad they tested it. – When we came out to see the lanes, I picked that mannequin up, and I was like, “wow, that’s heavy.” – I think it’s like 180 pounds or whatever, but yeah, when you got two people working it, it’s not that bad. Especially down here in the creek, it goes pretty smooth over the rocks so there’s not a lot of friction there. – So what do you guys, I don’t want to take too much more time, but when you think about pacing yourselves, and moving through the next thing and the next thing, how do you approach that, do you just feel each other out and say, “Hey, I feel pretty good, “let’s keep moving, let’s do some planning, “take a knee,” or what? – Yeah, that’s what we did last year, and that’s probably what we’ll continue to do this year. We just talk, “hey man, I need a break.” – For the next phase, Evans and Sheets had to navigate through the woods for five miles, undetected, so we couldn’t go with them. But we took this opportunity to meet some Mountain Warfare School instructors from the National Guard, Sergeant First Class, Burt Severin, and Staff Sergeant Andreas Bond-Webster. What does it mean to you to be here competing as the Best Medic? – I love competition, it’s what I thrive on, just to kind of prove it to myself that I can still do it, I haven’t slacked that much on my skills. – How long have you two been working together as a team? – Honestly, about three weeks. – Really? – Yeah. – How’s he doing? Can you talk to us now? I’m the old guy on the team, and he’s the young, pretty face I guess. – Ridicule, that’s how we encourage each other. – Old guy, the fat kid, in a good-natured way of course. – You’ve been through some lanes, has there been anything that has been particularly challenging for you guys, that you can think about? – I will say, and I can show my hands to the camera, but the terrain here is incredibly difficult. The brush, the vegetation is out there to stop you at all costs. – Just ask our camera guy. – (bleep) – Why do you think this kind of competition is important for the army medical community? – It kind of puts a spotlight on what we are actually capable of, and kind of all the different facets that we have to our job. A lot of times if you’re a line medic, you’re more often than not an infantryman first, and then once bullets start flying, and people actually get hurt, that’s when you become the medic. So you’re an integral part of the group that way, but it’s nice to kind of put that in the forefront, and make that something that is seen throughout the army. – You need to have something to strive for, right? And everybody wants to be the best of the best. So this is the perfect venue to throw out there, and it’s army-wide which is a huge organization. I think that says it all, something to strive for. – The team spent 36 hours on Sergeant Eldred’s gauntlet of lanes before they got their first break. But it wouldn’t be long before their next event. It’s zero three thirty on day three of the Army Best Medic Competition. At zero one hundred, the teams started a foot march. Now what they don’t know is how long it was gonna be. It’s actually 12 miles, a lot of them were talking yesterday like they thought it was going to be 18, but that’s the mental part of this that they’ve just gotta keep pushing through. The other thing is that this is only the beginning of another full day of things that are going to stress them and tax them to their limit. (shouting) – I’m hurting. – Team 25. Where’s the finish? – Our team from the 10th Mountain finished in the top seven of the foot march. – Wasn’t that bad. Yeah, it wasn’t bad. Our feet held up pretty good, so it’s good. – Now you get to rest a bit. – I get to rest and eat peach rings. – Uphill the entire way, yeah. – There were other people saying that. – Yeah, that was the only really bad part about it, was that it was uphill. Aside from that, it wasn’t too terrible. – Heard on the road march there was someone who actually dropped out and then said, “Forget it, we’re going to get back in.” – There might’ve been something like that. There was a team that felt, that kind of tested the waters, and they realized they were the first team to quit, or would have been if they had done that, and they decided that wasn’t for them so they turned it back around. – The National Guard eventually cross the line, no worse for the wear. Finished. – All good. – How are your feet holding up, Bond? – Pretty, pretty torn up. – I bet. As the sun comes up on the final day of the competition, the teams still have no idea where they stand. But that just means that the title of the best medic is still up for grabs. So today Sheets and Evans will get their weapons, zero them in, compete in a series of shooting lanes, and then a mystery event. So what is it about a competition like this that draws you and Jarrod to it, I mean, why do you want to compete and spend three days just in the dirt and tired, and working so hard. What is it about it that you like that so much? – I like being, I’m a really physical person. I love being physical, I love being outdoors, I love doing stuff like this. I’m the kind of guy, you put me in an aid station or a hospital, and I will go nuts. – Maybe I’m not a better medic, but being here I have at least the potential to be a better leader, ’cause I can take the things we’ve done here and I can go back, and I can teach them to my medics. – So you see that this competition has an inherent value for the medical community as a whole. – Oh yeah, absolutely. – What are some of the character traits, what makes up a combat medic? – They’re not people that are seeking glory, they’re the type of people that are more likely to rush to the sound of gunfire. It does take a special sort of type of person. – I was probably never like this before I joined the army. But I became a medic, and I was assigned my first platoon, B Co one two eight Infantry, and those are your guys, and they depend on you, and just having that, these guys they really need me. Just I guess that sense, it’s a pretty indescribable feeling, I don’t know. I love, I just enjoy helping people, and the fact that I can change someone’s life drastically for the better is, it’s awesome. – I do want to ask you, how do you think you did this year? – I think we did a lot better than we did last year. My partner’s gonna say we did top five. I’m more of a cautious person, I’d like to say we’re in the top 10. Last year we took 11th, this year, I’m thinking we did better than that. – This is something the crew and I talked about a lot, and that is where are these guys gonna end up? At the end of the day, we thought they’d place in the top five. – A compassionate heart, a sound mind, a skilled hand, a deadly shot, and yes, a strong back. Shoot, move, communicate, survive, save and adapt. That’s our art, and that’s our science. – So, our second place team, from the 10th Mountain Division, Sergeant Jarrod Sheets, and Sergeant Matthew Evans. (crowd cheers and applauds) – We found out they took second place, man, we were so excited, and I think they were too. But the thing I take away the most is something that Sergeant Sheets said, “I may not be the best medic, “but what I learned will make me a better leader.” and I think that’s true of every soldier that competed here.

Dating a Military Man Advice

Being in a relationship with a member of the military can be hard. Here is some great dating a military man advice to keep in mind.

Military Dating Advice Video Transcript

how to date a military man adviceHey everybody so this is my military wife account I’m kind of just gonna share with you all about how I met Connor here’s a picture of him. and how we started dating. Tips on dating a military man. Tips on being married to one. um almost everything you can think of about living or not living with a military man or woman. First episode that I’m kind of going to do is five things. Five things you should know before dating a military man. Now I kind of want to say something I don’t want it to be mean but I think I should just say it. um if you are dating a military man just date that military man don’t marry him after two months, don’t marry him after five months, or even six months. Date him like he’s not in the military. Take military out and just date him. To often I’ve seen women, who I know, date military men and it just not be something they want or even mostly men dating women and it not being what they want them getting divorced and the divorce rates are high in the military. Sometimes it works out if you’ve known each other before the military but a lot of the times if you know them in the military and you marry them in the military it doesn’t work out. Just because how can you know someone whenever you don’t know someone for that long. You date them for two months and then they’re about to go on deployment and so you say oh no I need to marry them now you’re doing it for selfish reasons you’re marrying them because they’re leaving maybe you want the military pay money maybe you want health insurance maybe you want I mean I don’t know who knows but you’re doing it for selfish reasons anytime you marry someone it should be purely on the fact that you love them and that you’re going to wait for them because he can be gone in two months get deployed and you should still love him whether or not you’re married to him if you loved him you would wait till you got back and then you would marry him. I know it’s hard it’s so hard to be a military person but you you chose this life so now you have to do it you can’t just say I want to marry you now because you’re going to leave that’s not that’s not right Number one the first thing which I’ve kind of touched on is it’s gonna be hard it’s going to be really really really really really really a million times hard. You can’t be with them all the time like a regular husband and wife you just you can’t or even girlfriend and boyfriend because there are times here in college where I see someone holding hands and I’m like wow sucks to be me because I have no one’s hand to hold but I remember that I’m so in love with Connor that a hand hold doesn’t matter because one day I’m gonna see him and it’s gonna be amazing and we’ll get to hold hands you know we’re gonna kiss or whatever um so you have to be ready for that life you have to be okay with long-distance and I was never that kind of person but the love that you have for someone kind of overwhelms that and I’m now okay with it just because I love him so much Number two you can’t always text or talk to them that’s kind of like a obvious kind of thing but you should know that before you’re going into it because as a girlfriend you want to text your BAE all the time like I love you good morning blah blah you know but there are times when I don’t get anything all day I get a good morning I text him good morning and then that’s it until six o’clock at night when he’s like hey heading home like okay cool guess we’re not talking right now cuz you’re driving which is kind of like selfish but like I want to talk to you now cuz I’ve been waiting all day um but there’s some people who you know like in the army where you can’t talk to them ever because they’re fighting for our country literally so that part is one of the hardest things to grasp because you expect when you meet them you know you either meet them in person you chat it up or you meet them online when they are not doing you know their duties or whatever and you cha-cha-cha-cha chat until they have to go back to work back to reality and it’s this whole shift of I can’t talk to you anymore so that’s one of the hardest things about being in the military for them and us it’s not we don’t get to have that constant connection or it’s a one day Skype and that’s it and so that’s that’s one of the hardest things number three this is kind of like the previous one and it’s you feel lonely all the time that’s very hard for people who live alone or you know their their wife and they live alone or the generation that we’re living in. Because the generation that we’re living in we are all very lonely we all say that we have tons of friends and we connected so many people and we have like 500 people on Facebook and Twitter and even snapchat you know you have a picture of yourself you show people you know you think you have this a great community and what do you think about who should I call to hang out it’s like no one unless you have like a group of friends obviously um but they’re not going to be there for you all the time either and so in this generation we’ve become lonely we’ve become people who just lay down and watch Netflix and that’s okay with us because we’re feeling lonely or we just you know whatever and so the fact that we have a person who is supposed to be with us who’s supposed to cuddle with us who’s supposed to love us and not be there that’s like extreme loneliness right there but we have to work through it and as a Christian I don’t feel lonely because I have the Lord and so I’ve had to work through that constantly because I’m like the Lord is with me he is who I can turn to so I don’t have to be lonely um but I also you know still watch Netflix and all the other stuff so it helps that helps but having security and who you are is one of the biggest things you will need if you ever date marry a military man. Number four they are dedicated men this is kind of a good thing because you want a man who’s dedicated especially to you he is going to be dedicated to you no matter what sure he there have been times where you know there aren’t such good situations going on in the home because they are gone and people are gone everything but for the most part they are dedicated and even if they do say mess up they are dedicated to fighting back what they lost as whether it’s a husband or a wife because I am from broken home and so I believe in the fight of getting back together because anybody can be redeemed anybody can be forgiven and so I think that the fight is the best part about it about a military man the fight and the dedication that they have and so if you’re in a hard relationship with a military guy or woman and there’s you know stuff going on and you don’t know how to handle it I encourage you to get support from people and I encourage you to find help because if you’re just as dedicated as he could be there’s going to be you’re going to live in a group like a fantastic marriage that’s relationship if you both just fight which I know for sure that he will if you give him the opportunity. Number five I almost of ten five they get really stressed out really really stressed out and I know a lot of people get stressed out we all get stressed out I get stressed out to the max but Connor gets stressed out and it’s because the military puts a lot of pressure on that pressure like doing things right getting stuff done having our whole country on their shoulders to fight for. If one thing goes wrong that could be America at risk basically. It depends on what kind of job they have that measures their stress levels but I know all of them get stressed to a certain point and so I just encourage all the women to be encouragers of their men because that’s what they need they need encouragers to just say it’s okay to be there to listen to them women have to be listeners we can’t just be talkers um to you know do anything to help them with their stress give them a foot massage if you live with them give them a back massage give them anything they need to not be stressed anymore but don’t let it be unhealthy don’t let it be like I need to drink to get my stress out I need to get away from my wife to not be stressed you as a as a woman as a wife is to encourage your husband daily or your boyfriend daily um and so they’re going to be very stressed out all the time and it’s your job to not eliminate the stress, but at least kind of soothe it to make it a little bit better and trust me that will work in your favor for the rest of your life if you encourage them so that’s basically it for this video and if you have any questions leave me a comment if you want me to do a video a type of video leave a comment if you like this video give it a thumbs up if you didn’t like it give it a thumbs up um but other than that thanks for listening and love yall!

VA IRRRL Credit Requirements

In the video above Jeff Newton from National VA loans / Community First National Bank talks about VA IRRRL credit requirements. If you are a veteran home owner wanting to lower your interest rate the VA IRRRL might just be the thing you are looking for. Many veterans unfortunately have less than perfect credit. Well the good news is with the VA IRRRL program credit is not a big factor. That being said every lender has different qualifications. If you would like to talk with a VA mortgage specialist call 855-956-4040.  

Army Rangers vs Navy Seals

Ever wonder what the difference is between Army rangers vs Navy seals?  Both are bad ass however both have special military purposes. To call yourself a Ranger or a SEAL it takes a level of dedication and discipline most people do not have. Not everyone can be a Ranger or a SEAL. Only the elite make it through. Lets take a closer look at each.

How is an Army Ranger Selected?

So what is an Army Ranger? The Army rangers main focus is on infiltration by land, air, and even sea. They are in the recovery of personnel and special equipment along with conducting raids. This special branch of the ARMY became a major part of the military back in the 1970’s. There are 3 different ways of being selected or qualifying to become an Army Ranger. These include the following: RUN TRAINING: This is a more advanced type of training which consists of taking troops out of hostile situations, dealing with explosives, and developing skills for navigation, sabotage, and reconnaissance. CRAWL TRAINING: This trains the soldier in hand to hand comb, water combat under water, and the use of sticks and fists when in combat. WALK TRAINING: This type of training includes ambush training, knot tying, and rappelling along with airborne operations. An Army Ranger cannot graduate without the completion of the three types of training.  

How is a Navy SEAL Selected?

Navy SEALs main focus is in sea, air and land specific missions and operations. They cover a lot of Underwater Demolitions, reconnaissance, security assistance,  information warfare, personell recovery, counter terrorism, and defense on foreign land or boundaries. Navy SEALs can be traced back to the bombing of Pearl Harbor as part of their establishment but formally came into play as a part of the Navy in the 1960’s. To become a Navy SEAL you have to go through a seven month long Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) training which has three phases which are; SCUBA training: 8 weeks of training based in the water, diving, water infiltration, ect…. , 9 weeks of land warfare training, hand to hand combat, training on weapons used, ect… . INDOCTRINATION: This prepares new trainees mentally as well as physically for the extreme training they are going to be faced with along with the ways of the Navy SEAL. BASIC CONDITIONING: This is basically an 8 week test of endurance including the famous “Hell Week”.  

Difference Between Army Rangers vs Navy SEALs

Rangers normally operate in larger sized units or platoons and have the capability of handling the direct action type of missions. The Navy SEALs operate in much smaller teams and specialize in covert operations.  Rangers perform military support functions while Navy SEALS have selective roles and don’t get involved in front line combat. Navy SEALs are responsible for unconventional warfare and are trained paratroopers and have the ability to integrate with foreign military. Navy SEALs are more independent and work very well within small groups with no support if needed. They specialize in underwater reconnaissance along with underwater demolitions as well. Rangers are different because they are known to be ready for rapid deployment, can use airborne advanced infantry and fights using conventional warfare. These two types both are highly skilled specialized forces that tend to overlap each other in their specialties. An easy way to describe the differences though is that Army Rangers specialize in land warfare while the Navy SEALs specialize in anything dealing with water type warfare.

Best Military Movies

Military movies have been a popular genres since the beginning of movie making, and for good reason. War movies help give a glimpse of the harsh realities and struggles of war. In this article we will take a look at some of the best military movies. In addition Jason and Jeff from give us a list of their top 10 favorite military movies. Do you have a top 10 list of military movies? We would love to see them in the comments below.

Jeff and Jason’s Top 10 Military Movies

  Jeff Full Metal Jacket Top Gun Good Morning Vietnam A Few Good Men Saving Private Ryan American Sniper Platoon Sands of Iwo Jima HeartBreak Ridge Black Hawk Down   Jason Full Metal Jacket Top Gune Lone Survivor Platoon Saving Private Ryan American Sniper The Longest Day The Dirty Dozen BraveHeart Fury

VA Mortgage Rates

VA mortgage rates are constantly changing and it can be confusing how VA loan rates can different in depending on the situation. In the video above Jeff from National VA loans talks more about VA mortgage rates in detail.

VA Mortgage Rates Video Transcript

Jeff Newton here from National VA loans today I’m going talk a little bit about VA mortgage rates and how they work. VA mortgage rates are a little bit different than what you might think. A lot of people think there is just a posted rate or they see a rate on T.V. and that’s the rate they’re gonna qualify for.  There’s a lot of information that goes into how we qualify a person for mortgage rates. A couple of those factors, number one would be credit. Obviously, credit score makes the difference a person as a 500 credit score is not gonna get the same interest rate of a person that has a 750 credit score. The main reason because obviously, the person has a 750 credit score is more apt to pay back their debt. They’ve had a proven track record of paying back debt. So it makes sense because they have established trust and therefore will receive a better VA loan rate. Whereas a person with a 500 credit score might not have that same kind of track record or in fact does not have that same kind of trust in the eyes of the credit bureau. So mortgage rates are affected by credit score. Another one of the things is loan-to-value. That’s a really big thing that a lot of people don’t think about. How much is the property value at and how much am I borrowing against it.  Let’s just use simple numbers, a hundred thousand dollars home and I’m borrowing a hundred percent. so a hundred thousand dollars you might have estimated your rate to be a little bit higher than what it would say if you were putting down 20 percent of your own funds. The beauty of the VA loan and why it works out so great for veterans as the benefits are so wonderful is not only can you do the 100 percent financing but you’re gonna get the same or better interest rate on a VA loan than what you would on a conventional loan putting 20% down. The base rate will be a better rate available to you than what it would be on a conventional mortgage. The reason for that is because the VA backs the mortgage and insures for up to 25% of the value of the property. Which gives the banks the investors the people that hold those funds gives them a little more security which allows them to be able to give a little bit lower interest rate. So, all in all, it works out is a great benefit to the veterans. Now let’s talk a little bit about some things that you can look at you know once you once we pinpoint that base rate for you and when we’re doing the pre-qualification and of course you guys can do a pre-qualification at any time at you guys could go on there and apply now and you’ll do a pre-qualification right there but when you’re doing a pre-qualification we figure out what that base rate is we then can then decide if a potential buy-down of the interest rate is worth the money the way we were able to do that is we just take a look at the base loan amount. So let’s say a hundred thousand dollars in the scenario that we’re talking about and the base rate once we figure everything up and get to that conclusion and pulling credit and everything we’re at a five percent base rate it’s potential that you can buy down to say a four point seven five percent rate for a half a point or three quarters of a point of interest so let’s just use the half point scenario half point scenario means you’re gonna pay about five hundred dollars in order to get a four-point 7.5 VA loan rate. These are just examples of scenarios and obviously base numbers and real numbers would all come into play whenever we look at this. This is just a good example of how you can buy down that 4.75 versus 5% could save you $50 $60 or $70 a month. And at five hundred dollars if you can save fifty dollars a month it only takes you 10 months to recoup that money. I would say that is probably a good value. Now it always doesn’t work out like that and there’s there are different things that we need to look at obvious cash on hand is important you know it is the seller painting of the closing cost there’s a lot of different factors that we need to look at but it is something to always keep in mind is could I buy my rate down and save myself money the thing that you also want to think about especially on a purchase is if you do use discount points is what it’s called discount to buy the rate down it is tax deductible based on with your tat or with your taxes at the end of the year if you itemize your tax returns. Now guys by no means am I a tax accountant. Honestly, I don’t know a lot about taxes. However, I do know that I allow professional people to do professional work. So I would contact an accountant in a situation like that. But even your H&R; block or someone like that will know and help you itemize. So keep that in mind as well, and know that you can buy those rates down and there’s potential for that to be a tax deduction for you at the end of the year. Again one thing just keep in mind is to come up with a base rate we’re going to be looking at a lot of different factors between LTV credit scores just main things like that debt to income ratio those are gonna be things that are factored in but as a veteran you have the opportunity to take advantage of some of the best rates that are out there without even buying anything now some of the best base rates with the highest loan to values out there.