Top 7 Most Dangerous Military Snipers


The military sniper can be one of the more captivating positions in the military. However it is not for everybody. You need nerves of steel, eyes like a hawk and you need to master the art of being not seen or heard.  While military snipers are widely portrayed in television and film, the actual role of a professional sniper is that of a highly courageous and evolved individual. To be a sniper it takes hours of  marksman training and dedication. The patriarchal role (regardless of gender) is a protector of fellow military soldiers. Snipers are a critical part of the success of many military missions.

By the mid 1800s, the role of a sniper became a clear. The sniper was a very valuable component in modern warfare – with more and more companies developing equipment and weaponry for the heavy task. Although there have been hundreds of outstanding snipers in the history of military combat, the following seven snipers are exceptional marksmen. These 7 snipers are recognized for their skills and courage in battle.

Top 7 Most Dangerous Military Snipers

7 – Senior Sergeant Roza Shanina
6 – Rob Furlong
5 – Adelbert Waldron
4 – Carlos Norman Hathcock
3 – Chris Kyle
2 – Vasily Zaytsev
1 – Simo Häyhä



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