NFL Protest Against The National Anthem


The NFL protest is getting out of hand. Our service members have paid for our freedom, which is why it isn’t free. Check out this video of former Army Ranger  Alejandro Villanueva now a NFL player for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He was the only player on his team to stand for the national anthem.


There are many soldiers currently and in the past that could have played sports for money, but instead, they chose to fight for freedom. Rather than take a knee, they stood proud on the battlefield.

I wish these sports stars in the NFL would have honored this sacrifice by standing proud during our national anthem this past Sunday.

Service members Protect the Right to Protest

I agree that what our president said may have been uncalled for because two wrongs do not make a right. However, these football players decided to protest during a football game, a game that now seems senseless to me.

Instead of thanking the people who gave them the right to protest, I feel that they disgraced our service members and our entire nation by taking a knee or, even worse, by hanging out in the locker room during the national anthem.

As a country, we spend our days protesting instead of doing something that will truly make a difference. Instead of spending the day tweeting or texting, how much better would it be to actually change the way our country is looked at by nations across the world?

Honoring the Members of Our Military

Which is more important to our nation: a quarterback or an infantryman?

To me, the real mole models for our nation’s youth are in the military, not on the field. They’re lying here, right next to me, at Walter Reed. They’ve earned the right to be called role models because they decided to forgo playing a sport and went and fought for our countries freedom.

When was the last time these millionaires spent a penny on the military or the families of those in the military? All of them make more money on a Sunday than a solider will in his or her entire life. If they really want to take a knee, I believe this is what they should be protesting.

Perhaps if more of these NFL players were members of the military, they might not take their right to protest for granted. Then, maybe the next time an athlete takes a knee, it would be when they are in boot camp or when they are having to actually fight for freedom.

Veterans Should Protest the NFL

Most of you reading this are probably veterans with friends who made the ultimate sacrifice on the field of battle.

I’m not sure how most of you felt about the actions of these so-called professionals this past Sunday, but for me, it was the last time I will ever watch an NFL game or spend a penny on anything that has to do with the NFL!

As veterans, I believe we should protest the entire NFL and “take a knee” when it comes to anything that has to do with them.

Right now, it’s important to show unity, because if we don’t get it together as a country, we will end up fighting for freedom on our very own soil.

The NFL Protest Could Be Done In Other Ways

There are many different ways to protest besides the way the players in the NFL chose to.

At least one player had the heart to stand up for our country and not participate in the antics of the rest of the NFL. It turns out this player was a Ranger.

As veterans, we should all thank him for doing what he did because when he walked out on the field by himself, he represented each and every one of us who has stood for freedom and saluted our flag in many different ways.

Written by: Voice of the Veteran Bill Howard



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