Agent Orange Effects on Vietnam Veterans and Expanded Healthcare

agent orange effects

Agent Orange-related health care for Vietnam vets should be expanded, VA boss Shulkin says

More Vietnam War veterans who developed ailments after exposure to Agent Orange deserve health care, Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin told a Senate panel this week — but high costs, medical science and politics stand in the way.

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The effects of Agent Orange have ruined the lives of so many veterans that gave up everthing to go oversees and fight in a war that the United States should have never been involved in. Agent Orange is a powerfull herbicide that was produced by Dow Chemical and Monsanto.  The powerfull herbicide was used to clear out brush and forest overgrouth in the Vietnam war. The deadly chemical not only was harmful to plants but to our soldiers as well.

Many soldiers are still plagued with health issues caused by Agent Orange 40 some later. It blows me away that we are even still talking about health care benefits for these soldiers. It’s time to give these soldiers the kind of health bennefits they deserve for serving our contry.


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