Top 5 Benefits of the VA Home Loan Program


The VA helps and educate Veterans, active military service members and eligible surviving spouses full fill the dream of home ownership. The VA home loan program is a benefit earned by the men and women that have served this great country. The video above talks the benefits of the VA home loan program. If you are a military service member or veteran thinking about purchasing a new home this video is for you. Make sure to take advantage of this VA benefit. If you are looking for a VA lender I recommend Low VA Rates! I would say they are the best VA loan lender.

Top 5 VA Loan Benefits

  1. 100% Financing and no down payment
  2. No PMI ( Private Mortgage Insurance )
  3. VA Appraisal: safe, sound and sanitary
  4. Home retention help
  5. State and Local benefits

The VA home loan is probably the best loan option on the market. Make sure to check this benefit out if you are going to buy a home.

I recently talked with a military service member the other day that was renting a house for about 1300 a month. He told me he was not happy and he was saving his money for a down payment to purchase a new home. I asked him if he was aware of the VA home loan benefit program and to my surprise he said yes. I asked him why he was not taking advantage of it? He told me he felt like he was taking advantage of the government for this benefit. Here you have this poor guy struggling to pay rent for his family and he is worried about taking advantage of the government using the VA loan program. Then I thought about that for a second and wondered how many other military service members might felt this way. Well I’m writing this article today to assure you that you are not taking advantage of the Va or government in any way shape or form.

The VA loan program is designed specifically for military members and veterans. Remember this is your VA benefit you have earned it! The government or VA does not actually provide the loan but rather they insure the loan. By doing this it is less risky for lenders to lend out the money.  You are still paying interest on the money you have borrowed but under better terms that were negotiated on your behalf for serving your country from the VA.

Check out the second part of this video on using your VA loan benefits and where to start.



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