VA Renovation loan Lenders


In this video Jeff and Jason with National VA Loans talks about the VA renovation loan. VA Renovation loan Lenders talk about the VA renovation loan program and how it may be very beneficial for an veteran looking to renovate a property.

The VA home renovation loan allows you as a VA home buyer or homeowner to take out an additional 35,000 to do renovations or improvements to a property you are purchasing or an existing property that you own.  That could entail things like a new kitchen, new flooring, a new roof etc. This is an amazing loan program for veterans to check out. If you would like to learn more and talk with some VA renovation loan lenders  call Jeff or Jason at (855) 956-4040. VA renovation loan lenders that would be more than happy to discuss in detail how this loan option works.

Here is a link from the department of Veteran Affairs that goes over the criteria for the  VA renovation loan guidelines. This PDF is more in-depth on the loan specifics.


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