Homeless Veterans Facts


Its hard to believe in this day in age that there are so many homeless veterans. In the video above Jason talks about homeless veterans facts. Its sad to think that there are so many veterans sleeping on the streets day after day night after night.

Homeless Veterans Facts Video Transcript

good morning everybody Jason here today I want to talk about something that is a big issue in this country that it’s unfortunate and it really does not have to be and that’s a veteran homelessness even though you know it’s impossible to have an exact number it’s estimated that 41,000 veterans are sleeping on the street on any given night 41,000 think about that for a minute the 41,000 veterans you know they took the time they served their country they defended our great nation and now they’re sleeping on the streets forty-one thousands on any given night that’s crazy to me crazy you know luckily I’ve been blessed I have a home I have a family that cares about me but guys these people need help you know here’s here’s some numbers that I found about veteran homelessness eleven percent of the homeless adult population are veterans 20 percent of male homeless population are veterans of those 41,000 estimated numbers 68 percent of them are sleeping on the streets in major cities in a major city 68 percent yeah there’s resources out there please you know fifty one percent of individual homeless veterans they have a disability you know so they need help guys reach out you know I know from personal experience that many veterans are not pleased with the VA but the VA has made ending veteran homelessness a top priority you know they dramatically increased the awareness of the services that they provide you know they’re out there guys you know the services are out there we just need to get with these guys and ladies and get them to the right spot you know from the research that I’ve done you know found that works the best for veteran homelessness is you know nonprofit veterans have better excuse-me groups programs that feature transitional housing with the commader e of living and structured substance free environments with fellow veterans to help one another you know I know here in Kansas City we have something called the you know the veterans community project they build tiny homes for veterans you know they help them get established and get back on their feet they have services there that provide help for the you know homelessness so guys I know if you know anyone or you are homeless or at risk of being homeless please reach out to your local VA Medical Center you know they get the services they’ll get you pointed in the right direction or if you’re not near VA center please call one eight seven seven four eight and fit again that’s one eight seven seven four eight AI d ve T or a seven seven four two four 3838 they’ll get you pointed in the right direction get you the help you need guys this 41,000 needs to be zero have a great day guys.


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