National Day of the Deployed


In this epesode of Veterans voice, Jason talks about the National Day of the Deployed and how we should also recognize the families of veterans for all the support that they give to our soldiers. Without the support of veteran families we would have a much different military. Below is a transcript of Jason’s video.

hello everybody,  I just wanted to take a minute while I was sitting out back enjoy my cup of morning coffee. Here is an interesting fact about October 26th, do me a favor real quick go look at your calendar is there anything marked on the 26th of October? Chances are probably not.

October 26 is known as the National Day of the Deployed. It’s a day where we take time to honor our service members for their commitment that they’ve made to the country and their sacrifices that they’ve made. But here’s the really cool thing about this day, it also takes time to honor their family members. That’s something we do not hear too much about these days.

Veteran family members are very important to our soldiers. So today I want to take time and talk about the family members of our service members.  When I was in one of the biggest things of life. The support rock I had was built around my family so I want to take time to thank everybody, who is actively deployed, who has been deployed in the past, and the family members of everyone.

So today or sometime this weekend when you guys are out and about. If you see a veteran you know wearing his hat proud to be a veteran, do me a favor walk up thank them. Then walk and thank their family. Without the support from the family I think military would be a lot different. Here at United We Are One we want to thank all those who have been deployed our are currently deployed. We thank you all for what you do. Thanks guys have a great weekend.


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